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Wanting to grow your Rental Property Portfolio?

ore and more Australians are choosing property investment as an avenue for wealth generation. When you decide to invest in property, there are many things to consider, including how to find the right property for you, calculating cash flows, taking various tax implications into account, and the costs of buying, selling and managing the property. For your property investment to successfully grow your wealth, it’s essential to have a property investment specialist with the right experience and knowledge to help you make it happen. That’s where AL & Co Accountants comes in.

Here at  AL & Co Accountants, we are property investment specialists, as our Directors are successful investors themselves. We provide invaluable advice to you based on our vast experience in dealing with different stages of the property investment process. The combined plethora of knowledge amongst our Directors in the property investment market means that you can take on your present and future endeavours with confidence. You can also rest assured that we don’t only have the wisdom and know how to make your investment a success – we also have the passion, commitment, and genuine desire to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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Why you should talk to us before buying investment property?

There are many things to consider when buying an investment property such as:

    Ownership Structure

Should you have 100% ownership, 50/50 between you and your spouse or some other proportion?

Should you hold the property as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common?

Should you own the property in your own name, in a Company or in a Trust?

    Asset Protection

How can you protect your investment property against creditors?

    Tax Implications

What can you claim as a tax deduction?

What records do you need to keep and for how long?

What is tax depreciation and how do you claim it?

Do you have to pay Land Tax , Stamp Duty and Capital Gains Tax (CGT)?

How do you minimise or even avoid these taxes?


Will your property be positively or negatively geared?

Should you pay cash for the deposit or borrow all the money?

Can you redraw money from your home loan?

Should your loan be Fixed or Variable?

When should you use an Offset Account?

Should your loan be Interest Only or should you be paying Principle and Interest?

AL & Co Accountants can answer these questions and potentially save you thousands of dollars. We can also provide the following services:

Investment Property Budget – AL & Co Accountants can prepare an Investment Property Budget so that you know if your property will make you money or not.

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Tax Depreciation Schedule


If you own an investment property, you are entitled to claim depreciation on the building, fixtures and fittings. A lot of property investors are unaware of the significant taxation benefits associated with getting a Tax Depreciation Schedule. These schedules can save you thousands of dollars each year, and can therefore maximise your investment cash flow for years to come.

Depreciation is a non-cash deduction – this means that you are able to claim a tax deduction without incurring any cost.

Please see below for a list of Qualified Quantity Surveyors:


Depreciator - Tax Depreciation


BMT Tax Depreciation

Investment property depreciation schedule


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