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Individual Tax Return Checklist


Personal Details

  • Tax file number
  • ID – passport, drivers license, etc
  • Bank details – BSB, account number
  • Previous year’s income tax return if new clients
  • Spouse taxable income if not our client

Income/Earnings Documents

Payment Summaries

  • Lump Sum and Termination Payment Summaries
  • Government payment statements, if received
  • Interest income from banks and building societies
  • Dividend statements for dividends received or reinvested
  • Annual Tax Statements from Managed Funds
  • Rental properties
  • Business
  • Foreign income
  • Capital gains
  • Employee share schemes
  • Partnership & trust distributions
  • Managed fund statements
  • Sole trader (ABN) income

Offsets and Refunds

  • Spouse details including taxable and exempt
  • Dependants details – name, DOB, legal responsibilities
  • Private health insurance statement


  • Work related expenses
  • Motor vehicle Travel (fares & accommodation)
  • Uniforms/ protective clothing
  • Self-education and professional development
  • Union, registrations, tools, subscriptions, memberships
  • Asset purchase details – Computer, tools, equipment, etc
  • Investment related expenses
  • Home office, seminars and conferences
  • Donations to charity organisation
  • Telephone, computer, internet
  • Accounting or tax agents fee
  • Income protection insurance
  • Superannuation contribution if self-employed
  • Sole trader (ABN) expenses
  • Any other costs incurred earning income
  • Donations to charities or building funds
  • Income protection insurance


Rental Property


Rental Property

If a rental property was purchased during the year

  • Date contract signed
  • Copy of statement of adjustments, including details of settlement of property costs (ie. Council
  • rates, body corporate fees)
  • Date the property was first available for rent
  • Copy of loan documentation detailing amounts paid in loan establishment fees, mortgage stamp
  • duty etc.
  • Details of fixture and fittings in the property at time of purchase, eg.Hot water system, light fittings,
  • curtains, stove etc. You should include second hand value, not replacement value

If a rental property was sold during the year

  • Date contract signed
  • Copies of settlement documentation
  • Details of the original purchase, including date contract was signed and settlement statement

For all properties rented during the year

  • If you employ a property manager, a copy of their yearly summary of income and expenses for the
  • property
  • If the property is self-managed, a schedule of rent collected
  • Details of all expenses paid directly including the following:

- Advertising for tenants

- Body Corporate fees

- Council and water rates

- Repairs and maintenance to the property

- Insurance

- Land tax

- Legal fees

  • Copy of loan statements



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